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PRESS RELEASE: 5 Million Private Renters Live in Unhealthy Homes Reveals Recent Research by Yuno


Yuno is the proptech behind a market intelligence software that helps landlords and investors boost their portfolio

Recent research by Yuno, a proptech solution for landlords, has found over six hundred thousand landlords are breaking the rules when it comes to providing their tenant with a safe and healthy home, meaning that almost 5 million private renters in the UK live in poor conditions. At present, landlord licensing is a postcode lottery as it differs from council to council, moreover these rules change on average every 9 days, which is why Yuno are launching a new app to help landlords navigate and transform their buy-to-lets.

Yuno’s initiative comes in response to a recent report ‘The Cost of Poor Housing in England’ published by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) which found poor housing causes a health burden on the NHS costing £1.4billion a year. Consequently, Yuno is launching a free Mainland UK wide system that is free for landlords to identify opportunities, monitor changes, compliance and article 4 planning checks at a click of a button – all aimed at better educating and informing the industry about licensing and their responsibilities. Yuno freemium service provides all users free instant manual licensing checks, giving immediate answers, up-to-date information, and clarity; reducing the risk of hefty fines and sanctions. The free at the point of access app is paid for by local businesses sponsoring their local area to help tackle this issue and its ongoing societal costs – the first peer-to-peer support of its kind.

“Where you live has a huge influence on the path your life will take. We know a healthy home is the best foundation for our physical and mental health, but it impacts our work and social lives too.” says Paul Conway, founder of Yuno, “The BRE report findings are shocking, with the knock-on effects to the NHS estimated at £1.4bn a year. With a cost of living crisis upon us, the consequential costs will be far greater as we factor in sick days for business, rising levels of crime and additional pressures on the welfare system.”

“Understanding the licensing regime is a minefield – made worse by it changing from council to council, with changes coming in on average every 9 days. I suspect that most landlords won’t know that their homes aren’t conforming to licensing standards. Change is afoot, and the government is looking at proposals to transform the sector but this is going to take time. My argument to landlords is this: why wait? If fined, landlords face £30,000 plus in legal costs and a whole lot of stress for all parties, £50,000 for those in Scotland – the solutions to making it a healthier home will likely be much cheaper.”

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