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Property regulations are diverse, complex, and ever changing. We leverage data and tech to quickly provide you with clear answers. No more searching through planning portals, local authority data and EPC portals, Yuno consolidates all the data into relevant Insights to help you get the job done efficiently and accurately. 

The property market is complex and ever-changing. We combine intelligent data with sophisticated technology to quickly provide you with accurate and tailored insights, helping you to achieve more profitable transactions:

Yuno Bespoke integration

Streamline Completion Processes

Utilise Yuno’s property-specific information and data to speed up your valuation instructions and streamline your lender interactions.

Yuno Peace of mind

Increase Successful Applications

Having access to definitive and property-specific information increases the likelihood of meeting the lending criteria.

Yuno Date Relevant and Accurate

In-the-Moment Answers

Get ‘live’ and property-specific information at the click of a button, not only saving you time but helping you to inform your client from the outset.

Save Time

Get the insights you need in the format you need them with guaranteed accuracy. No more researching through multiple portals. Save valuable time to spend on the activities that matter.

Protect Reputation

Data accuracy is our number one priority. Ensuring your work is based on the most up to date information will protect your reputation and help you build long term client confidence and repeat business.

Reduce Risk

Yuno provides bespoke and dynamic data that can be tailored to any property and any situation. Enabling you to deliver accurate advice for specific properties and their intended use. 

We are trusted by some of the biggest and best property professionals in the UK to help manage the ever changing property market.

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Need advice? The Yuno platform will empower you with the knowledge you need to advise your clients effortlessly and confidently 24/7.

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