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Make large industry fines and unsafe tenants a thing of the past. Yuno keeps you risk-free from complex legislation and market changes, including licensing and article 4 planning permission.

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Get more from your portfolio

Compare the most lucrative ways to the property from Serviced Accommodation, Long Let, Local Housing Authority and HMO Let (Co-Living or Bedsit HMO).

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Build your dynamic Journey to Let/Investment

Based on your exact property and Letting type, we build you a detailed step-by-step journey on getting ready to let or investment. (UK Mainland).

Why choose Yuno, what does it solve?


In recent years the property industry has become a complex landscape to navigate with the introduction of endless regulations and legislation. It’s no surprise that landlords and investors are often uncertain of their obligations and struggle to stay up to date with industry standards. 

Yuno helps you to understand both the national and local market(s) you operate within, providing you with the data and information you need to make informed decisions and optimise your portfolio.

How to Create your Free Unique Reporting and Monitoring in 3 Simple Steps:

Add Your Property Address to the Yuno System

  • Yuno will match your property to a UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number) to ensure accuracy and connectivity to the wider industry.
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View Your Property Report and Build Your Dynamic Journey

  • Enter some additional information about your property and Yuno will build a dynamic journey outlining the steps you need to take to run the property in your chosen way. 
  • Don’t forget compliance and licensing reporting is always free for Yuno landlords.

Upgrade to the Yuno Premium (for free)

  • Choose a local business to sponsor your property to gain access to Yuno Premium and its additional features for free. 
  • If there isn’t a sponsor you recognise don’t worry you can still get upgrade for free if you suggest a local sponsor.
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Data And Tools on App…All For FREE!

No Sponsor Required

  • Property and HMO licensing reporting
  • UPRN property matching (Unique Property Reference Number)
  • Pre-Licensing certification
  • Energy Performance Certificate reporting (EPC)
  • Reminders and management of certification and documentation
  • Knowledge base and and training videos
  • Order certification directly on app from marketplace
  • Access to advice from partners linked from app
  • Example reports and downloadables
  • Access to unique quoting system for upgrades
  • New rules and regulations affecting PRS properties updated on the platform e.g. fire legislation.

With Local Sponsor

  • Sleep easy at night with portfolio monitoring for new legislation like licensing and planning
  • Pre-notifications of licensing and Article 4 planning schemes that affect your portfolio, before they start (where councils release publicly in time)
  • Licensing pricing
  • Article 4 planning permission and pricing
  • Serviced accommodation rental rates
  • LHA rental rates (Local Housing Authoirty)
  • Long let AST rental rates 
  • HMO rental rates (individual room rates)
  • Premium knowledge base and training videos
  • Last sold price
Yuno Dynamic Data

Identify Opportunities

Make use of Yuno’s dynamic property-specific reporting to help you to determine if an investment opportunity is viable.

Yuno Peace of mind

Grow the Value

Utilise Yuno’s platform and ‘live’ property-specific information, data and advice to understand the best way to let your property(s) and the steps involved to achieve this, helping you to increase your ROI.

Yuno Simple to Use

Monitor and Manage Compliance

Receive instant Yuno alerts when your property(s) is affected by changes to local and national legislation, including Licensing and Article 4 Planning permission. Yuno will provide a clear process and solution to ensure you are compliant.


The sponsorship model enables landlords and investors to use the full suite of Yuno’s offering paid by local businesses supporting local landlords and investors.

We want our users to feel confident when using the Yuno platform and features so when it comes to data protection and privacy we believe transparency and honesty is key; by choosing a local sponsor (or buying a service through the Yuno marketplace) you are agreeing to sharing your data with that business. However if you continue to use only Yuno’s standard features your data will not be shared with any third parties and is stored securely within the platform.

Sponsors can be Mortgage & Insurance Brokers, Property Managers, Letting & Estate Agents, Conveyancers and Surveyors, please suggest someone you know, and trust, so everyone can benefit.

Want help the businesses you know and love grow and help more clients like you? Connect us today and help the community of landlords.

Yuno Property Compliance

Get Access to Bespoke Property Data 24/7.

Need advice? The Yuno platform will empower you with the knowledge you need to advise your clients effortlessly and confidently 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Worried About Data Security?

The only way your personal data goes anywhere is when you select a partner or purchase a product. You are in the driving seat. Unlike any other online licensing check tools your personal data will not be shared with the government or local councils.

Why is This All Free, What's The Catch?

No catch, you genuinely get this for free. Our costs are covered through advertisements and sponsorship from our partners.

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