Use the Yuno platform to quickly and easily identify which properties in your portfolio requiring planning permission, whether it’s Article 4 or Sui Generis.

Planning Made Simple, With Yuno.

Using live data sets and mapping technology Yuno will instantly alert you of any properties which are at risk, outline next steps in the planning journey and provide a clear solution to ensure compliance with local and national legislation. 

Through a simple API or easy upload, Yuno will monitor your portfolio 24/7 as well as upskill your team on all things planning, enabling you to confidently advise clients with the peace of mind that you are well informed, up to date and in control.

Would you like to know which properties in your portfolio… are HMOs? Find it hard to get a licence due to planning permission? Require planning permission? Article 4 for HMOs was really making life difficult for us and our clients, so we decided to fix it once and for all. We’ve mapped out every Article 4 area for HMOs in mainland UK! That means no more wondering if your client will get licensing or if this is the right investment for the portfolio. With Yuno at your fingertips, you can quickly and easily navigate these complex problems and offer your clients the right solution every time.

Identify Through Data

Through our unique and extensive data range, Yuno easily identifies the risk points and revenue opportunities on any investment in the PRS. Yuno keeps you and your team informed, allowing you to quickly understand and advise your clients on the scope of opportunity for each property in today’s market. In the complex and ever-changing regulatory framework of the PRS, Yuno uses the latest data and advice to support fire safety, licensing, planning and much much more.

    Train And Learn on The Platform

    Stay informed as the Yuno platform monitors and updates you on any market influences and compliance changes that could benefit your portfolio, helping you and your team to maximise your knowledge and opportunities to add value in a dynamic, stress-free way.

    Access our Marketplace of Experts

    Take full advantage of the easy booking system in our marketplace of qualified, experienced and accredited experts, who will ensure that you and your clients get the best and most efficient service possible.  All this as well as the benefit you get from the additional earning opportunities that our marketplace creates for you.

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    Yuno Solutions

    All of this included from £50+VAT!

    Yuno Property Compliance

    Get Access to Bespoke Property Data 24/7.

    Need advice? The Yuno platform will empower you with the knowledge you need to advise your clients effortlessly and confidently 24/7.

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